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FIRSTLY: OUR IMPORTANT INFORMATION (See Cruise ship information below)

Scooter free wheel/Drive control lever.

At the rear of the scooter you will see a lever, this lever when moved up or down or front to rear (models vary) will disengage and engage the drive motor. For the scooter to run the lever needs to be firmly engaged in the drive position. If the lever is not in the drive position the scooter will roll freely when pushed and it will not run.
It is very important for you to remember that if this lever is moved at any time when the scooter is switched on the scooter will not work. Switch off your scooter and follow instruction's above.

Do Not Get Your Scooter Controls Wet

Your scooter controls must be kept dry at all times. We supply a small rain cover with every scooter which you cover the controls every time you leave your scooter unattended outdoors (Do not drive the scooter when cover installed). If your scooter gets wet your scooter may stop running and you will have to push it back to your hotel. We will replace your scooter subject to a $50 swap out fee plus the cost of repairing the scooter. It can rain at any time in Florida so it is your sole responsibility to keep your scooter controls dry.
Caution when moving or lifting

You are advised when lifting or loading any of our equipment to include but not restricted to loading into and out of vehicles. This includes items such as batteries and scooter parts which are also heavy. Anyone attempting to lift any of our equipment should at all times adopt correct lifting practices to prevent injury, loss or damage. We cannot accept any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage caused by incorrect lifting or loading of any of our equipment. We advise that at all times you have someone to assist you when lifting or loading our equipment and you do not attempt any lifting or loading if you are unsure you are fully able to do so.

Here is a link for your guidance


You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your rental is due to start and receive a refund minus a $25 to cover our expenses incurred including administration and card fees that we pay when we charge your card and pay again when we make a refund. Bookings canceled within 24 hours of the rental start time will be will not be refunded (see terms and conditions).


When booking from you agree to our booking terms and conditions and you are responsible for the rented equipment and are liable for any damage or loss. You agree to pay for any repairs and/or replacement parts unless you have have purchased our accidental damage insurance. You are responsible for the replacement of any lost or stolen equipment or parts. If you are unsure or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to serve and help you in any way we are able.


When booking your rental equipment you must enter the same name and address and contact information that you used when you booked your cruise. This must include the lead name for your cruise. If you have given us the wrong name lead name or cruise line booking reference or cabin/suite number we may be turned away and you may not receive your rented equipment. If we are unable to deliver due to being given incorrect information you will still be liable for the full rental and will not receive a refund. So please, please double check everything, nobody want's a failed delivery.


We encourage all our customers to read our Important Information and Delivery pages plus our terms and conditions, please read our pages. We have taken the time to include this information on our web site to assist and inform you. Reading these pages will help us all avoid future confusion. Not reading this information is not an excuse for not knowing. We can't give you all this information on our web site chat or in a phone conversation. Nobody told me that!! Is no excuse for you not taking the time out to read what we have made available.

All our scooters come equipped with:

The largest Gel Cell batteries available (models vary).
Delta throttles for left and right hand operation (most models).
Puncture proof tires
Plastic front basket (rear baskets optional)
Battery charger (please charge every night)
Ignition key
Water proof easy clean swivel seat
Adjustable arm rests
Adjustable steering tiller
Variable speed control
Free wheel release lever (disengages drive motor)
Control panel rain cover (Do not drive scooter when cover installed)


Wheelchairs and Other Personal Mobility Equipment

Disney cruise ships

Most Guest areas on Disney ships, including the theaters, restaurants and shops are wheelchair accessible. There are also accessible public restrooms. You may wish to consider booking a wheelchair accessible stateroom, which has a 32-inch entrance door and features a wider path of travel inside the stateroom. Typical staterooms have a narrower entrance door (23 inches) and may not have the interior space to accommodate mobility equipment. SEE YELLOW SCOOTERS FOLDABLE MOBILITY SCOOTER

Please note the following regarding the use of wheelchairs and mobility devices on Disney Cruise Line:
You must provide your own wheelchair or other mobility aid or arrange for the rental, delivery and pickup of that device to and from the ship on your own.

We strongly recommend that Guests plan to sail with someone who can physically assist them when necessary. Certain activities, like using a tender boat to visit a port of call or accessing a pool require Guests to transfer out of their wheelchairs.

Due to safety regulations, wheelchairs, scooters, strollers and other personal belongings may not be stored in public passageways and must be stored inside staterooms and designated public storage area.

Royal Caribbean

You may bring and use wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other assistive devices onboard our ships.
Assistive devices including mobility scooters must be stored and recharged in your stateroom so fire doors, corridors and elevator lobbies are kept clear for emergency evacuation. When parked throughout the ship, they must be parked out of the way to allow safe and easy access by other guests and crew members.
Assistive devices should fit through a standard stateroom entry doorway which is at least 23 inches wide. We offer accessible staterooms which have wider doors which are at least 32 inches wide and may accommodate larger devices. SEE YELLOW SCOOTERS FULLY FOLDABLE MOBILITY SCOOTER

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival have three classifications of staterooms:
Modified Cabins: These staterooms are designed for use by guests with mobility limitations, who do not require the regular use of a wheelchair, scooter, or other similar assistive devices. For example, Modified Cabins are ideal for guests who only use an assistive device for traversing longer distances, a cane or walker, and who may benefit from certain accessible features, such as grab bars, to assist with balance.

Accessible Cabins: These staterooms are designed for guests with highly limited or no mobility who utilize wheelchairs or other similar assistive devices, and include features such as turning space, accessible routes throughout the cabin, and accessible bathrooms. As with all Carnival reservations, staterooms within each category are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, it is advisable to reserve an accessible or modified stateroom in advance.

Standard Cabins: These staterooms have an entry doorway measuring approximately 22", an 8" lip into the cabin bathroom, a 4" lip into the shower stall and a 7" lip to the balcony (if applicable).


Scooters must be stored and batteries recharged in your stateroom. Keep in mind that the scooter minimizes the available space within your stateroom. Due to safety considerations, wheelchairs and scooters cannot be stored in the corridors. Your personal scooter should be able to fit in a standard stateroom with a 22" entry doorway. If your scooter is larger than 21", you must purchase an accessible stateroom or rent a smaller scooter.SEE YELLOW SCOOTERS FULLY FOLDABLE MOBILITY SCOOTER

Norwegian Cruise Lines

A wheelchair, scooter or walker may be the primary mobility assistance aid for getting on and off the ship for guests who cannot walk on their own. Norwegian Cruise Line has a limited supply of wheelchairs onboard. In order to accommodate our guests, Norwegian Cruise Line wheelchairs are reserved exclusively for embarkation and disembarkation situations. If you will require regular use of a wheelchair, you must bring your own wheelchair with you. The limited supply of wheelchairs onboard are available for emergency rental arrangements only and are on a first come first serve basis.

Motorized wheelchairs and scooters are allowed in the accessible staterooms provided that they are powered by gel-cell batteries and the chargers must be adaptable to 110 volts. Should you choose a stateroom that has not been designated as accessible, you will need to bring a collapsible wheelchair, or if you have a motorized wheelchair or scooter, the width must not exceed 26 inches to enter the stateroom door. All scooters and wheelchairs MUST be stored in the stateroom. Due to the safety and escape way requirements established by SOLAS regulations, they cannot be stored in the hallways, stairways, or any other public area. Beach wheelchairs can be rented for use on Norwegian Cruise Line's private island. SEE YELLOW SCOOTERS FULLY FOLDABLE MOBILITY SCOOTER