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Q: When and where do you deliver my rented equipment at the port?

A: You will have 2 options for delivery.

Option 1 is our regular free delivery service directly to your ship and your cruise line staff will take care of it from there. Please work with your crew members for equipment return.

Option 2, our meet and greet service. We will arrange a time to meet you on the dock to deliver and collect your equipment in person. This is a great option if you need to use the equipment to board and disembark your ship. Please be sure you have supplied us with a contactable cell phone number. For meet & greet option you must return your rented equipment to us on the dock at the end of your rental.

Q: How will I know you have delivered my rented equipment to my ship (Non Meet & Greet)?

A: You are welcome to call us on the day before or on the morning of your delivery just to confirm everything is how it should be. Please be sure we have your cell phone number when completing your booking.

Q: I have booked your Meet & Greet service and want to know where to meet you and at what time?

A: We will have contacted you before to arrange and confirm where and when we will meet you. You must supply us with a contactable cell phone number for our driver to call you on your delivery day to re confirm your ETA. If you do not have a reachable cell phone we will be at the location at the time arranged. We can only wait 10 minutes if you are not there our driver will leave. We have many more guests waiting for their equipment so are not able to wait longer. However if you miss your designated delivery time our drivers will always do their best to return to attempt a second chance delivery usually within an hour. However we can't guarantee a return delivery attempt on very busy days.

Q: Will my scooter be fully charged when it is delivered?

A: Mostly we will deliver fully charged but this is not guaranteed so please check and plug your scooter into a regular 110v outlet as soon as you are able. We also ask that you fully charge your scooter overnight the night before you return to Port Canaveral so it will be fully charged for our next guest to use. Please do this so we can provide the best service for everyone.

Q: How will I get my rented equipment when I arrive at my cabin/suite (non Meet & Greet).

A: If it has not been delivered to your cabin/suite with your luggage please contact a crew member to locate your equipment for you. We can't stress this point enough, we must have your correct cruise line booking information for this process run smoothly.

Q: What if I loose the yellow booking information tag from my equipment during my cruise?

A: Don't worry, all you need to do is write the information on a piece of paper and attach it or leave it in the basket. Your cruise line staff need this information to be attached or with the equipment at all times.

When booking your rental equipment you must enter the same name and address and contact information that you used when you booked your cruise. This must include the lead name for your cruise. If you have given us the wrong name lead name or cruise line booking reference or cabin/suite number we may be turned away and you may not receive your rented equipment. If we are unable to deliver due to being given incorrect information you will still be liable for the full rental and will not receive a refund. So please, please double check everything, nobody want's a failed delivery.